Concessionary Passes

Concessionary Passes issued by local authorities in England (including the London Councils Freedom Pass) are welcome on our buses for free travel:

Mondays to Fridays

in Essex – 9am to 11pm

in Suffolk – 930am to 11 pm

in Hertfordshire – Herts CC Passes only – at any time

in Hertfordshire – all other Passes – 9:30am to 11pm

Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays – at any time.

Our ‘smart’ ticket machines check Passes automatically, so please place your Pass on the reader as you get on the bus:

    •  Green light and beep
          your Pass is valid – please take your ticket
    •  Red light and no beep
          show the Pass to the driver who will check that it is valid

Passes can only be used within the hours shown above. If a red light shows but the Pass is valid, it may be damaged – please contact your local council – see below – to obtain a replacement.

Issue, renewal and replacement of Concessionary Passes is handled by the council in whose area you live: