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The bus stops at The Arc Shopping Centre have been suspended for safety reasons whilst major roadworks are taking place.

This will be for up to 3 months.

The nearest alternative stops will be at the Bus Station.

All of the affected services will divert via Risbygate Street & The Parkway for the duration of the bus stop suspension.

Stephensons of Essex Managing Director, Bill Hiron, is appointed as Chairman of ALBUM.


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At a bus naming ceremony held at The Museum of Power in Langford tributes have been paid to two leading figures at Stephensons of Essex, Lyn Watson and Chris McCormick, who both sadly died in May 2017.


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We have just been mad aware that Broad Street Green is closed. The Causeway.  We will not be able to serve stops between The Causeway, Maldon and Snows Corner until at least 15:00 hours today. We are very sorry, this is completely out of our control.

We are pleased to announce a new commuter service linking Costead Manor with Brentwood Station.

This will commence on Monday 30 April 2018.

Please see the new timetable for details.  There are some minor timing changes to the existing 71, 72 too




As per other years, there will be no services running on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We wish you all a pleasant break.

(17:54)  All Suffolk services are now being withdrawn for the evening, our local supervisors have been out and assessed the areas , conditions are too poor to continue. ) 14/15, 16, Breeze. This also affects Village Link 5/6 and 301, sorry.

(17:35) 38 The 17:53 departure from Halsted will only run as far as Silver End. There will be no service past that point @ 19:00,  this means that the journey that was expected to leave Witham, Collingwood Road  @ 19:21 will not run, sorry.

(17:08) Road conditions have become significantly worse in Witham and Maldon, ( Market Hill is awful, again!)

90  The last bus from Maldon will be the 17:10 from Morrisons, it will not be able to serve the Dorset Road / Acacia areas.

90 The last bus back from Witham to Maldon will be the 18:00  from Forrest Road, (18:11 from the Railway Station)

39 Conditions have made us take the regrettable decision to suspend services with immediate effect, sorry.


(09:05) 505 and 506 will NOT run this afternoon.

(08:23) Service 14/15 – After leaving Haverhill  Bus station the bus will serve Roman Way then Millfields Way taking the main A143 out to Kedington. After serving Kedington the bus will operate via the main road A143 to Chedburgh. Follow the normal route to Chevington Greyhound, then back to Chedburgh to follow the A143 into Bury St Edmunds. -( return the reverse of outward)

(08:20) Village Link 6 s on diversion. From Saffron Walden, it will travel via Debden road as far as Cromwell Road, then along Cromwell Road onto Peaslands road. Then onto Thaxted road turning right to carver barracks, then left into Debden village. From Thaxted will divert via Great Dunmow & the A120 to the Airport. Broxted will NOT be served.

(08:17) Service 60 Haverhill - Saffron Walden The peak journey this morning was unable to serve Hellions Bumpstead. The 60 will be on diversion all day via Sturmer and New England to access Steeple Bumpstead.

(08:16) Service 59 Haverhill this will not operate today, sorry.

(08:05) Tendring services.

Better news now, 105, 107, 9 will run albeit with the following temporary arrangements:

Service 9: from Walton they cannot serve the back roads so they will travel on the main road out of Walton to Frinton. They will go in and out of Frinton via Old Road and then the line of route to great Holland and the same in reverse.

Service 105/107 will go on the line of route as far as Weeley council offices then directly to Colchester via Elmstead market and Frating. They will stand in Colchester and leave on time and go directly to Weeley Council Offices then resume the normal route to Walton.

Services will start:

105 from Walton 09:10

105 from Colchester 09:21

9 will start at 09:25 from Walton.

(07:30) Please use the bus tracker facility to locate the current position of the Uttlesford 4xx services for JFAN and SWCHS, many are still trying to get to their start points.

(07:10) Suffolk Rider 16, service operating but not serving Worlington and will only serve Warren Road in Red Lodge, ie: not through the estate.

(06:54) All Rochford based services ( SS Post Codes) running. 1, 6a, 12, 14, 17, 60, 61 -  However, Canewdon remains impassable, 60 will run between Rochford and Southend only.

(06:51) Shopper Bus 200/220  - Sorry, no service today.

(06:35) Uttlesford Schools 417, 418, 419  which run from our Boreham Depot, all okay.  Still awaiting information for Haverhill based services.

(06:21) All services in Tendring suspended, 105, 107, 9, 101, 115, 702

(06:21) NO SERVICES TO CHELMSFORD SCHOOLS TODAY -    510, 621, 623, 637, 673, sorry.

(06:20) Routes 9, 9a Braintree to Bardfield 16  Wethersfield to Chelmsford all running.

(06:15) BRAINTREE, Routes 21, 30,38, 38a All running.

(06:00)We are currently awaiting information from all of our local depots.

Here are contact numbers.

Rochford ( Southend postcode  services)

01702 541511

Boreham ( CM, CO postcode services)

01376 503050

Haverhill -  all Suffolk services and village link, 301, 59, 60, 301, 414, 451, 453

01440 704583


We strongly recommend that if your journey is imminent to contact your local depot. 

Haverhill Depot (for Suffolk and West Essex)

(07:07) Very few services operating at this time please contact depot on 01440 704583

Services  SWCHS and JFAN 59, 60, 301, 414, 451, 453 are not running, nor 14/ 15 to BSE.

16 Suffolk Rider buses heading out now. Lackford loop & Worlington will NOT be served. Red Lodge, we will serve Warren road, boundary road & turnpike road only.

The rest of the route is currently passable.

(07:38) Village Link  5/ 6, service suspended due to treacherous road conditions.


Breeze 1 now operating


Boreham, Braintree, Maldon and Rochford will attempt to operate their services although please expect some delays and possible route diversions if roads are found to be blocked.

(10:35) We are very sorry, Routes 16 and 9 are now suspended or the remainder of today. The roads are becoming increasingly dangerous to pass.

(10:39) 90 Maldon,  buses are now travelling directly from Maldon Morrisons to Maldon Tesco, we are sorry the estates are practically impassable and Market Hill, as ever, is a great concern.

(17:05) 90 Maldon  Better news now!  Market Hill is now passable. 

(10:25) 288 Tesco Shopper withdrawn today, Market Hill too dangerous.

60  Southend This service will only operate between Southend and Rochford today.

(08:00)12  Severe delays due to snowdrifts @ Barleylands

593, 503 Burnham is cut off by 3 foot drifting snow Steeple also has vehicles blocked in, we are turning the bus around and attempting to commence the service at Mayland, expect delays.

38, 38a  currently an RTC is blocking the route in the Rivenhall area. Buses will serve Conrad Road and Silver End CoOp, however, they will take an alternative route between these points and use the main Braintree Road/ Cressing Barns. (06:49)

(11:09) 38, 38a -  In addition to Rivenhall diversion we now have a problem at Bocking.  Buses will come from High Garrett, but NOT turn down Church Street.  Buses will instead travel along the A131 to travel along Coggeshall Road into the Town Centre. Same in reverse for journeys to Halstead

Shopper Bus 220 will not run today, sorry.

Walton, Frinton, Colchester

9, 105, 107 101, 115 None of these routes are operating as yet.

702,  we tried to run this service but have had to cancel due to poor driving conditions, sorry. (07:56)


Please contact 

Boreham 01376 503050 for information regarding Boreham, Braintree, Tendring and Maldon areas

Rochford 01702 541511 for Southend, Basildon and Wickford areas


please check your own schools regarding closures or Essex County Council


Worsening conditions have made us made take the regrettable decision to curtail all of our journeys for the remainder of this evening. There are varying degrees of difficulties across our services. Any buses that are currently in service will continue to their destinations but only as safety determines. We are very sorry, departures from 18:00 onwards are suspended.



90   - worsening conditions, buses are being called back to the depot, the last bus that is out there will be the Witham to Maldon @ 17:30 the last bus, 17:10 from Maldon Morrison will terminate at Maldon town centre.


17:15 Hrs

Village Link 6  -  Broxted is becoming a risk to pass through buses between Stansted Airport and Thaxted will divert via the A120 and Dunmow.


15:16 Hrs

Southend service 60. Our local supervisors have assessed the route, conditions are worsening, the bus will only run between Southend and Rochford for the remainder of today.


Suffolk Services

14/15 Haverhill to BSE - These routes are running, however, between Horringer and Haverhill they will only run along the main A143 and NOT turn off towards the villages either side. Our supervisors have been out and assessed those minor roads and the risk is too high to provide a service beyond the main A143 Horringer to Haverhill Road, sorry.

16  - running well.


West Essex

Village Link 6  -  Broxted is becoming a risk to pass through buses to and from Thaxted will divert via the A120 and Dunmow.

Service 301 is operating normally, Widdington now being served.

Maldon and Witham

90   - worsening conditions, buses are being called back to the depot, the last  bus that is out there will be the Witham to Maldon @ 17:30

288 Tesco to Leisure centre only, NOT to Heybridge.

39 is running well

Braintree, Halstead

21 running well

30 running well

38, 38a running well

North Essex 

All services suspended for the remainder of today 9 Frinton, 105, 107, 101, 115  and 702.



Please check with your local depot for further information

Boreham 01376 503050 for Boreham/Braintree and Maldon services

Rochford 01702 541511 for Southend/Rayleigh/Wickford

Haverhill  01440 704583 for all services in Suffolk

In Rochford, most services will attempt to operate. Please be patient as there will be delays due to the road conditions.

No School services will operate.

No Shopper bus services will operate

Please expect delays across all services

King Edmund School is CLOSED


Please check with your own schools to see if they are open or if they intend to close early

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