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14/15 - Bury St Edmunds: Please be aware that due to the roadworks that are currently being carried out at the Spread Eagle, we are experiencing severe delays on our route 14/15 services. The company has made the decision to divert these services in order to improve our reliability. Therefore from Monday 13th November 2017, until the completion of the roadworks we will NOT be serving the Spread Eagle or The Arc Shopping Centre both coming into Bury St Edmunds & departing Bury St Edmunds. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

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We are making some relatively minor changes to times from July 2nd, as follows:

Mondays to Fridays:

The 0800 from Halstead (0825 from Deanery Gardens) will follow the normal route into Braintree and will no longer operate via Braintree College;

The last bus to Witham (1838 from Braintree) is extended from Witham Station on to Collingwood Road; the last bus from Witham now starts from Collingwood Road at 1921 to Braintree.


The 1650 from Braintree is extended beyond Witham Station through to Allectus Way and the last two buses from Braintree are extended from Witham Station on to Collingwood Road; the last buses from Witham now start from Collingwood Road at 1801 and 1831 to Braintree.  

The complete new timetable can be viewed HERE.

In response to your suggestions and the latest train retiming by c2c, times of the 6A buses will be adjusted from Tuesday May 31st.  The morning buses will run slightly earlier to give them longer to get to the station and a consistent 5-minute connection there.  Please try to help us keep the morning buses on time by having your fare ready and the right money if at all possible.

Evening buses are generally not changed except that the 1752 will go 2 minutes earlier and the 1920 will be 1 minute later, to reflect revised train times.

The new timetable can be viewed HERE.

Stephensons recently sponsored a wolf as part of the Bury St Edmunds ‘wolf trail’, and these wolves were subsequently auctioned off.  (Managing Director Bill Hiron actually bought the wolf himself!!)

The Stephensons nominated charity for our Suffolk bus operations is the East Anglian Air Ambulance, and Bill Hiron was delighted to forward a cheque to the charity for £400.

Stephensons are sure the donation will be put to very good use!!

Stephensons is thrilled to be increasing service frequency for Halstead.


To view the full press release, plase click here

We are delighted to annouce that buses 38/38A will be running through to Halstead every 30 minutes from Monday February 1st.  Alternate journeys will run either as bus 38 via Freeport or as bus 38A via Alec Hunter Academy en route to Witham, and buses will continue to serve Gosfield, Bocking, Braintree, Tye Green and Silver End.

We are also making some relatively minor alterations to the timetable in the light of our first 2 months experience of running these new services - these affect some early morning and evening buses.

New timetable leaflets will be available nearer to the start date but in the meanwhile you can see the new times here.

There are also minor changes to the afternoon bus times on route 21 to Black Notley, to try to improve the reliability of the service at the worst of the afternoon school run.  Those times can be viewed here.

There are no changes in February to the times of the Essex County Council supported evening and Sunday buses 21 and 352, but they may be altered from April 10th.  Essex County Council will announce further details when they have concluded their current tendering exercise.

Thank you for your support for our new Braintree area buses since we started running them late last year!  We hope to welcome you on board in 2016, please come and try our brand new buses - 5 already in service and another one due in February.

When we started our new service 38/38A linking Halstead, Braintree, Silver End and Witham, we promised you brand new buses.  Well, the wait\'s almost over!  Five new British-built buses have been delivered from Alexander Dennis and are being prepared for service - fitting CCTV, ticket machines and so on.

So watch out for our smart new buses in their attractive Three Rivers route colours - coming to the 38/38A soon!

But if you can\'t wait to see them, there\'s a sneak preview HERE.

From Monday January 11th, we are altering the routes of these buses which serve St John Payne school, Chelmsford because passenger numbers have fallen.  The changes are:

Bus 620 will no longer run.  Instead, Silver End passengers should use bus 623 and passengers in Braintree, Black Notley & Great Leighs can use bus 621, which is being re-routed.  We are sorry but there will no longer be a service in Bocking, the nearest stops on the 621 will be at Braintree College and in Coldnailhurst Avenue.  Passengers from Black Notley will have a separate shuttle which will connect into the main bus at White Courts.  This is a guaranteed connection but will only be available to term ticket holders.

Bus 621 will be diverted within Braintree to serve some stops previously on the 620.  

Bus 623 will start from Silver End; from Witham onwards there is no change to the route or times.

To see the new times, click HERE FOR 621, and HERE FOR 623.

As most commuters will now be aware, c2c are making radical changes to train times from mid-December.  We need to adjust the 6A commuter bus to suit, but it is not yet clear how rail passengers will adapt to the new times.  But we expect that many of you will catch the trains that start or finish at Leigh, which generally run every 15 minutes.  Hence the changes we are making from December 14th are an interim response whilst new travel patterns settle down.  

You can see the new times HERE.  

Once travel preferences become clearer, in the new year, we will review the times again and will welcome feedback - but please give it a week or two for everyone to get used to the new train times and to establish preferences.

And as advance notice, on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, as usual we will run at normal times in the morning but earlier on the way home - again we will connect with the trains that terminate at Leigh, so homeward buses on those two days will go at 1440, 1510, 1540, 1610, 1640 and 1710.

Our new bus 21, Black Notley to the town centre, is already running.  From Monday November 2nd we start the extended services 38 & 38A, all the way from Witham to Halstead, serving Rivenhall, Silver End, Cressing, Tye Green, Freeport (bus 38) or Stubbs Lane (for Alec Hunter school, bus 38A), Braintree town centre, Queens Road, Deanery Gardens, Bocking Church Street, High Garrett and Gosfield.  Buses run every 30 minutes between Witham and Bocking Deanery Gardens, extended every hour to Halstead.  Some buses go via Braintree College, see separate news story for details.

Our new buses 38 & 38A replace First Essex buses 131 & 132 and the north end of bus 21.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our new services!  Full times are available HERE.

Please bear with us over the next few days as our drivers and passengers get to grips with the new routes and times!  We\'re doing our best.

Most fares will be the same or similar to the old First services but some may be a little different.  We are offering special value day and weekly tickets over various parts of the route:

Halstead Rover - anywhere between Halstead and Braintree Bus Park for £4 a day, £15 a week.

Braintree Rover - anywhere between Bocking and Fowlers Farm (A120 junction) for £3.60 a day, £15 a week and £50 for 4-weeks.  Also valid on our 21 bus.

Witham Rover - anywhere in Witham town, including Conrad Road, for £3 a day, £14 a week.  Also valid on our buses 39, 40 & 90.

And if you want the freedom of the whole of routes 21, 38 & 38A, ask for the Three Rivers Rover, £6 daily, £23 weekly.

All these value tickets can be bought from your driver.

We\'re starting new bus routes 38 & 38A on November 2nd and selected journeys will serve Braintree College on Mondays to Fridays.  The trips concerned are as follows:

Morning buses:

From Halstead:  the 0740 from Halstead Colne Road, arriving at the College at 0811.

From Witham:  the buses from Witham Station at 0727 and 0747 both go via the College.  They call at Braintree Bus Park at 0809 and 0833, arriving at College at 0815 and 0839.  We would encourage students to use the first of the two buses where possible, to avoid overloading on the second trip.

Afternoon buses:

To Halstead:  buses pass the College at 1546 and 1646 [these times are not shown in our Three Rivers leaflet].

To Braintree town centre and Witham:  buses pass the College at 1601, 1631, 1701 and 1731.

At other times of day, you can catch buses 38 & 38A from Queens Road shops bus stop, about an 8 minute walk from the College along Coldnailhurst Avenue.  To see the full timetable, click HERE.

Term passes issued by First Essex buses specifically for travel to and from Braintree College will be accepted on our buses.  We will publish details of our own term tickets here in due course.

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