Adverse Weather

In the event of severe weather such as road flooding or significant snowfall, services may have to be cancelled in the morning or may have to miss out some stops. Buses may also be delayed en route and hence arrive at pick up points later than usual. It may also be necessary for students to be returned from their schools earlier than scheduled times. Such a decision will only be made in consultation with the Police, Local Authorities and schools, on safety grounds.

In the case of any early morning cancellations being necessary, announcements will be made via the local radio stations listed below and for many routes you can also track the location of your bus either using our Bus Tracker or by downloading the myTrip App to your smartphone or tablet.

We do appreciate that you may not be at home if your child is unable to board the bus, so you should agree with them who they should contact in the event of an emergency. Ultimately, the decision about whether to send your son/daughter to school is a parental decision. In particular if you are in any doubt whatsoever about their safety getting home again from school, the responsible thing to do is to keep them at home in the morning.