Maldon – Market Hill/Fullbridge

Due to ongoing gasworks in the Fullbridge area, Market Hill will be closed to traffic for three weeks commencing 25th January 2021.

As such, service 90 will not be able to serve the High Street for the duration of the closure. On exiting Acacia Avenue (The Queen Victoria pub) when heading towards Witham, the 90 will turn left along Spital Road, then right onto the bypass, then onto Tesco’s. The same will apply in reverse when heading towards Maldon Morrisons.

The 288 will still be able to serve the High Street, and that will follow the same route at the 90.

In order to catch the 90, you will need to board the 288 from the High Street and alight at Tesco.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes, however, these works are our of our control.