Scholar’s Passes on E.C.C. Local Bus Services

The Scholar’s Season ticket is a prepaid ticket and can be used on some Essex County Council contracted local bus services. You can use your ticket for 1 return journey each day, at any time, to or from school or college. It cannot be used at weekends or during school/college holidays. The price is based on the cheapest child rate return fare for the chosen journey. This is then multiplied by the number of days per term and a discount of 10% is taken off term tickets or 20% from annual tickets. An admin fee of £5 is applied to each season pass purchased. ( £5 per term or £5 for an annual.)

Please note that a scholar’s ticket is not available to buy on all routes and is only available to purchase on some ECC contracted services as per the list below.

You are able to purchase your Scholar’s pass from our webcart.

Please note, for tickets on 105/107, you will find these by selecting Colchester Institute in the web-cart, irrespective of which establishment in Colchester the student is attending.

Service 101 - Point Clear to Colne Community School
Fares to the Colne School from: Child Day Return Term 1 Term 2 Term 3  Annual
POINT CLEAR – Stops Point Clear to White Hart £3.40 £228.38 £188.60 £194.72 £533.40
ST OSYTH – Stops The Priory to Abbots Gardens £3.20 £215.24 £177.80 £183.56 £504.20
OAKLANDS – Stops Oaklands to Hollybush Hill £3.10 £208.67 £172.40 £177.98 £488.60
THORRINGTON – Stops Thorrington Red Lion to Colne CS £1.90 £129.83 £107.60 £110.02 £301.40
Service 105 & 107 -Walton on The Naze to Colchester

Please note, for tickets on 105/107, you will find these by selecting Colchester Institute in the web-cart, irrespective of which establishment in Colchester the student is attending.

Fares to Colchester from: Child Day Return Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual
Stops Walton On the Naze to Weeley £3.20 £215.24 £177.80 £183.56 £504.20
Stops Tendring Church to Tendring Heath £3.10 £208.67 £172.40 £177.98 £488.60
Little Bentley £2.80 £188.96 £156.20 £161.24 £441.80
Stops Hare Green to Great Bromley £2.70 £182.39 £150.80 £155.66 £426.20
Burnt Heath – Nicholas Corner or Cross Inn £2.10 £142.97 £118.40 £122.18 £332.60
Crockleford – Cherry Tree Farm or Ardleigh Park Corner £1.90 £129.83 £107.60 £111.02 £301.40
The Beehive £1.80 £123.26 £102.20 £105.44 £285.80
Service 115 - Weely to Tendring TC
Fares to Tendring TTC from: Child Day Return Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual
Stops Weeley Heathand Little Clacton Plough Corner £2.20 £149.54 £123.80 £127.76 £348.20
Little Clacton Edward Terrace (only) £1.60 £110.12 £91.40 £94.23 £254.60
Thorpe le Soken Station £1.30 £90.41 £75.20 £77.54 £207.80
Terms and Conditions


TICKETS ISSUED ON BEHALF ON ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL ON THEIR FUNDED LOCAL BUS SERVICES 105 -107 Colchester to Walton on the Naze- 101 Point Clear to Brightlingsea, & 115 Weeley to Tendring TC.

ECC Bus Service Season Tickets are subject to both the following conditions and those of the operator. 

1. The ticket is not transferable to another person and remains the property of Essex County Council/ Stephensons of Essex.

2. It is only valid on ECC subsidised local bus service as detailed on the front of the pass. 
(Stephensons issue Smartcards, they do not have a route printed, the route available is one that you have chosen in the purchase process.

It is not valid on any other service, even if they cover the same section of the bus route. (Except that a Service 105 pass will be available on the route 107 variation and vice-versa)

3. It is only valid on the days shown and on the dates shown inclusive on the front of the pass. 
(Stephensons us Smartcards, we do not print dates on the card, the card will be valid between the dates of the confirmed sale that you have made, recognisable by the electronic systems)

4. It is valid for travel only between any points shown or intermediately on the services(s) specified on the ticket. Season ticket holders wishing to travel before and beyond the specified points on their ticket will on boarding be charged the difference between the appropriate single fare for the journey covered by the season ticket and the full rate for the journey being made.

5. The ticket and supporting photo card must be shown to the driver (or conductor) on boarding the vehicle and when requested by officials of the operator or Essex County Council. (Stephensons do not issue, use or require Photo cards)

6. The card will become invalid if altered or defaced, and anyone attempting fraudulent use will be liable to forfeit the ticket and any resulting prosecution.

7. Scholar’s season tickets are only valid when accompanied by the photo card for the named passenger. A blank photo card is dispatched with tickets, which must be fitted with a photograph to identify the passenger. (Stephensons do not issue, require or issue Photo cards)

8. Photo cards do not expire but the photo must be a true likeness of the holder (Stephensons do not use or require photo cards)

9. The County Council and contracted operator(s) undertake to provide service between the points specified or at the time specified in the timetable where safe or reasonable to do so. The County Council nor Contracted Operator(s) cannot accept liability for failing to run a service due to circumstances outside of its control. This does not affect your statutory rights.

10. The pass and photo-card are the responsibility of the customer to look after. In the following instances an administration fee of £10 will be charged for replacement: 

10.1. Lost or stolen ticket; 
10.2. Defaced ticket; 
10.3. Lost, stolen or defaced photo card; 
11. Where a refund is required, an administration fee will apply. A refund can only be made for remaining journeys of over 1 week (Sunday to Saturday or equivalent 7 Day Period). Such instances include but are not limited to: 

11.1. A change in school through choice 
11.2. A change in school due to anti-social behaviour 
11.3. A change in residence (house move); 

The period of refund will commence from the day after the date of receipt of a returned pass for a refund. A charge of £5 for administration will be made. Any refund requested because a student has completed exams and left school will take into account that the ticket is no longer annual. The discount will be calculated as if the tickets had been purchased on a termly basis – for example: Annual ticket cost – (Autumn + Spring Termly ticket costs) – £5 Administration fee In cases of illness, where application for refund cannot be made at the time, a retrospective application will be considered for a period of 7 days or more upon production of a doctor’s certificate. 

12. In line with the General Data Protection Regulation, information relating to applications will be held on file and used for the purpose of meeting your request for a Scholar’s Season Ticket. This can include informing you of ticket deadlines and changes in our service.