Service 60 – Stambridge Road Closure, 17th August 2021

Due to the road closure in Stambridge, which commences on Wednesday 17th August for 3 days, service 60 will only be serving Stambridge on the outbound trips from Southend to Canewdon/Pagelsham/Wallasea.

Below are the approximate times that service 60 will serve the Royal Oak Stop (Southbound) near Cagefield Road. After serving Stambridge, Pagelsham/Wallasea, and Canewdon, the 60 will divert towards Rochford via Apton Hall Road, Ashingdon Road, Dalys Road, and Weir Pond Road.

Royal Oak timings for intending passengers for Southend:

*08:07 *







*This trip is the only trip that will serve Stambridge on the inbound journey to Southend.*


Timetables are available from the driver with the times highlighted